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The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted student ID card issued from the UNESCO.

As an ISIC holder, you become part of a worldwide community of over 4.5 million students who share a passion for travel, adventure and discovery.


The Benefits of Being an ISIC Holder

You can travel further, stay longer and experience more with an ISIC - take advantage of the following benefits

- Internationally recognised proof of student status 
- Discounts on flights, buses, trains and ferries 
- Discounts on entrance to the world's leading museums and cultural sites 
- Discounts on entertainment and attractions
- Discounts on youth hostels and hotels 
- Discounts worldwide on restaurants and shopping 
- Much much more.


Any student may apply for the UNESCO student ID card as follow:

  • Required documents:

       Copy of school/university enrollment letter

       Recent photo.

  • Expenses:

      ID issuance fee: 30 USD valid for one year.

      Mailing fee by FedEx varies from 40 to 65 USD.

Contact us at info@liec-edu.com to get your International Student ID Card.

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