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University degree programs expenses and refund policy as of Dec 2016

IC provides affordable international world-class education by distance learning.



Program Minimum Terms Needed Maximum Terms Allowed Term Tuition Thesis Fee
Bachelor 4 10 2600 USD 450 USD
Master 3 6 3200 USD 1200 USD
Doctorate 3 6 3600 USD 1800 USD

Total expenses depend on duration taken to finish course work plus thesis fees.

The academic year is made of two terms.



* Registration fee: 350 USD for bachelor's and 500 USD for master's and doctorate's./ Paid every year

* E-books: Free of charge.

* Graduation fee: (including package) 1400 USD.

* UNESCO student ID: 30 USD/ Paid every year + 40 USD for international airmail when needed.



You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or Western Union as decribed in this link.



Several payment plans can be discussed with your admission advisor to help you save expenses. Students must also be aware that having more courses during same year would avoid them next years registration fees and tuitions.



* 75% during first week.

* 50% during second week.

* 25% during third week.

* Registration fees is non refundable.


For info and support, Email: INFO@LIEC-EDU.COM 

                            Call: 009613232902


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