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Q1: Is your university recognized?

A1: All universities that we deal with are of high standards and recognized Worldwide.


Q2: Can I have my degree attested?

A2: IC will link students upon graduation to affiliated legalization services office in USA, where your degree can be attested from official depatments; attestation costs almost 800 to 1400 USD and is based on contractual agreement between the student and the legalization services company.


Q3: How long does a program take?

A3: Programs have minimum and maximum duration; you graduate as soon as you pass all requirements within the said duration


Q4: What if I didn't finish requirements within given period?

A4: Upon registration you will have a mentioned reasonable period to submit academic requirements and pay expesnes. In case you didn't finish during given period, a program extention fee is applied. (proportional to term tuitions)


Q5: What are the majors that I can't enroll if I have no experience?

A5: Majors that application and lab are mandatory are not open to students that have no prior learning and experience in the same field.


Q6: Can I register for bachelor without having official high school diploma?

A6: Yes, the university asks for school attestation that you have passed grade 12 only.


Q7: Can I pay my program expenses on monthly installments?

A7: Yes, you can.


Q8: What if I don't pay installment on exact date?

A8: There is late payment fee of 2% monthly applicable starting 2nd month of delay; so if your payment was not submitted on time, you still can pay it during the next month with no extra charge. the 2% is added after 2 months of late payment date.


Q9: Programs expenses are very expensive for me, what shall I do?

A9: International Council provides very special financial facilities and discounts to students from more than 20 countries. Check with us if your country is eligible.



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