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* Download your bachelor, master or doctorate program course catalog that you intend to enroll.

* Decide which courses you already know well and there is no need to take again.

* Justify your choice with supporting proofs like previous academic transcripts, trainings and diplomas, work experience certificate…

* We will revise your inquiry and drop the already acquired courses and skills, so you study the rest of program.

This will shorten study period and minimize total expenses.


International Council “portfolio assessment” strategy is based on the very fact that our experience and trainings are also a very important source to knowledge, and hence must be considered when trying to advance our portfolio and career.

This is why IC transfers these credits as already studied and manages a faster track to graduation. 


Minimum credits needed to graduation

- Bachelor: 33 credits out of 108.

- Master: 21 credits out of 36

- Doctorate: 24 credits out of 48


For info and support, Email: INFO@LIEC-EDU.COM 

                            Call: 009613232902

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