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Masters programs are of 36 to 42 credits each, studied on period up to 2 years.

Students graduate as soon as they satisfy all requirements regardless of duration.


International Council in collaboration with affiliated universities offers the following majors for masters level:


  • Masters of Architectural Engineering
  • Masters of Arts
  • Masters of Anthology
  • Masters of Arabic Studies
  • Masters of Business Administration - Accounting and Finance
  • Masters of Business Administration - International Business
  • Masters of Business Administration - Management
  • Masters of Business Administration - Marketing
  • Masters of Civil Engineering
  • Masters of Computer Engineering
  • Masters of Criminal Justice
  • Masters of Educational Management
  • Masters of Educational Psychology 
  • Masters of Engineering Project Management
  • Masters of General Psychology
  • Masters of Human Resource Management
  • Masters of Information Technology
  • Masters of International Relations
  • Masters of Law
  • Masters of Mass Communication / Jounalism and Media
  • Masters of Management Information Systems
  • Masters of Political Sciences
  • Master of Psychology ( 6 emphases)
  • Master of Sociology

A full list of majors is available on the "Apply Now" page.


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